Dying Light 2: Techland’s Situation Is Not So Good Either

As with Hardsuit Labs, Techland might be facing some internal issues.

When we discussed Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 earlier today, we already said that the games that have the number two in their titles seem to face issues. Dying Light 2 is no exception – Kirk McKeand, the editor-in-chief of TheGamer, wrote a lengthy report, looking behind the scenes.

The studio’s work environment, and many issues that are possibly an impact on the game’s development, have been mentioned in the report with the help of ten former and current developers from Techland. They all asked to remain anonymous. Most of the testaments seem to mention that Techland has „an autocratic management, poor planning, and a toxic work culture that trickles down from the top.”

The report also delves into how the company’s management has had a bad impact on the game s development, which itself already faced problems, thanks to the coronavirus global pandemic, which took a hit on everyone, no exceptions. Most of the problems seem to come from the higher-ups, including the CEO of Techland, Pawel Marchewka. The sources claim that the management has repeatedly rejected ideas and plans from the studio’s experts, which further ruined the development speed of Dying Light 2.

„Whenever an expert starts advising things that are not aligned with the board’s agenda, they slowly get isolated from the project and responsibilities. That leads to them leaving or eventually getting fired. To make a career at Techland, you have to be subservient,” a source wrote. And at one point, Techland hired an industry veteran, Marc Albinet, who worked at Ubisoft as a game director and spent three decades in the industry. Despite the experience, he was unsuccessful in trying to get the new workflow proposal approved by upper management…

In the past two months, at least twenty employees have left Techland, and thus, one of the sources claim Dying Light 2’s narrative has been rewritten six times or so, and because of this, some people within the company doesn’t even know what the final product will look like. „Making games is tough and, normally, sometimes there is a need to change the workplace and look for new challenges. I am very sorry that some of our employees left us and decided to find their way outside the structures of Techland, but I’d always wish them the best,” Marchewka told TheGamer.

And it’s just the tip of the iceberg. We’ll likely have to go even deeper into this.

Source: The Verge

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