Development of a new Gears of War underway

Those responsible for the series are working on the new installment of the series after winning the favor of the public with Gears 5.

After the good taste left with Gears 5 , there is desire among fans to know more about the next video game in the Gears of War saga developed by The Coalition . Any idea when it could be presented? None, but thanks to a series of job offers from those responsible, we do know some of the great promises that the Vancouver study wants to carry out.

There are several job vacancies exposed by the internal Microsoft team, and they cover different areas of work in the production of a video game. In this way, The Coalition is currently looking for a community manager, engineers in different facets of the game such as animation, user interface or artificial intelligence, as well as artists and animators. A dozen job postings in all.

These, as usual, include a wide range of requirements and responsibilities, but also different allegations about what they want to offer from the Canadian team in their next video game, such as workers willing to “take the Gears of War franchise to new goals. ” . On a less generic level, for the service software engineer position, The Coalition needs talented and experienced people interested in “redefining the” action series “experience through the application of modern service-related technologies in the field. cloud “.

It also highlights the offer for the user interface engineer, mentioning the interest of those responsible for shaping the future of intellectual property and exceeding the limits of Microsoft entertainment platforms and devices.

Gears 5 and its improvements in Xbox Series X | S.

Of course, its launch on Xbox Series X | S does not seem a matter of a few months, a console that still has several video games to be confirmed for this year , but while the time comes, fans can enjoy Gears 5 on the new Microsoft console. The acclaimed video game from The Coalition has new features on Xbox Series X | S , including significant performance improvements.

Gears 5 hit stores at the end of 2019, standing out for being one of the best action-shooters shows that we have experienced in these years.

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