Sony Lays Groundwork For An eSports Betting Platform

And that’s not all: the company seems eager to make us use Bitcoins to place our bets.

Sony has filed a patent, which was registered a while ago, but it got published on May 13. You can find it here. In short, the company envisions a broad-based betting ecosystem, which could be accessed by using PCs, consoles, or VR headsets via the client. The dedicated servers would be responsible for running the betting algorithm, which would define the initial proposition bets (a bet on a specific player or event) using machine learning as well as historical data. After the proposition bets have been defined, the betting odds can be established by a user or the algorithm by accessing gaming analytics. After the proposition has been resolved, the winnings then would be distributed among gamers as per the set rules.

And let’s quote the patent itself, as it quotes Bitcoin: „Wagers may be pecuniary, e.g., money or Bitcoin, or may be non-pecuniary, e.g., game assets, digital rights, and virtual currency. When wagers are pecuniary, the odds offered may account for government take out, e.g., if the calculated odds are 5-1, the offered odds may be reduced to 4-1 to allow for some wagering assets to remain after payouts to pay government take out. Wagering assets may be tied to a spectator’s electronic wallet.”

And guess what Sony Interactive Entertainment has acquired recently together with RTS: EVO, the biggest fighting game championship… and you can see where this leads: for instance, you can later bet on someone winning the Tekken 7 tournament, or just one match, and if your bet was on the winning side, you can reap the rewards.

Sony’s consideration of Bitcoin (even though its value is heavily turbulent!) shows the company’s forward-thinking approach…

Source: WCCFTech

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