PlayStation Direct Will Launch In Europe: PlayStation 5, Sold Directly By Sony!

The system became successful in the United States, so it will be brought over to Europe as well, allowing PlayStation Direct to provide direct sales in more markets.

Previously, via a job listing, we already talked about how Sony is bringing PlayStation Direct across the ocean to cut scalpers, retailers from the equation, as this service allows customers to buy consoles directly from Sony, meaning you don’t have to pay more than the price Sony sets (unlike with scalpers who can charge you as much as twice the official price of a PlayStation 5). That’s what PlayStation Direct is: Sony manufactures the consoles, and they sell them directly to the players without a retailer getting involved. The job listing showed up back in December, so Sony has planned properly ahead with this move, and it is expected from a company of this calibre.

In the current fiscal year (which will end in March 2022), PlayStation Direct plans to launch in Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. With it, Sony predicts a massive step up in generated revenue: in the 2019 fiscal year (when PlayStation Direct launched in the United States; it happened in September of that year), it provided at least 5 million USD. It jumped to 200 in 2020, and Sony’s expectations for the 2021 fiscal year is no less than 600 million dollars!

„PlayStation Direct has achieved significant revenue in the US market within little more than a year of starting operations. We plan for 300 per cent further growth within this fiscal year, helped by our upcoming launch in Europe,” Jim Ryan, the president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, said. (He also mentioned that the PlayStation 5 Standard Edition will start become profitable in June, meaning the console will no longer be sold at a loss!)

We wonder when PlayStation Direct will expand to other European countries.

Source: VGC

PlayStation Direct Europe rollout

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