Cyberpunk 2077 focused its first patches on stability: now, they want to improve the quality of the game

CDPR will publish a new patch “in the next few weeks”, although its improvements have not been specified.


Following the controversial release of Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt has focused on polishing and improving the game through updates. In fact, in January and March, they released large patches, accompanied by other minor patches, to fix the more immediate problems that prevented players from playing. Stability and performance issues, mainly. And, with those tracks more or less polished, CD Projekt says that their next patches will finally focus on improving the overall quality of the title.

During the call with investors, in the wake of the company’s poor quarterly results for Cyberpunk 2077, CEO Adam Kicinski shares that the studio is preparing a minor patch in a few weeks. And, after focusing on the low-level technical aspects, the next updates will seek to improve the overall quality of the title. This was stated, in statements shared by DSOGaming: “I do not want to announce things ahead of time. We are prepared to say that the next patch – it is not a big one – will arrive in the next few weeks . It is almost ready.”

“Of course, we are also working on more later patches, and to shed some light on that: the initial patches mainly focused on the low-level technical aspects,” explains Kicinski, “although not only on that. Also on fixing glitches. and bugs, although our focus was stability, performance, and more. Understandably, the company leader explains that performance and crashes were the priority problems to be solved in the first patches. And, as they were solved, the study has gradually focused on the quality of the title.

“We have moved more and more to focus on improving things. I do not want to promise anything, of course, but in the future, our actions will be more aimed at improving things, improving quality even more.”

Following the game’s troubled release, CD Projekt delayed its plans with the game to focus on patches, with free DLC being pushed back to the second half of 2021, as well as the PS5 and Xbox Series versions. We will see if the patches do their job, and the game manages to return to the PS Store after its withdrawal from the store.



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