An artist says Capcom stole images for Resident Evil, Devil May Cry games

A designer sues Capcom and claims she stole her photos to create Resident Evil 4 and Devil May Cry. Judy A. Juracek filed the lawsuit on Friday and says Capcom has used her work on many games.


Intellectual property is a very serious and complex subject, which sometimes brings disputes. Now, Capcom faces a new lawsuit in which the Japanese developer is accused of having used the photographs of a designer without authorization to create Resident Evil 4, Devil May Cry and a multitude of games. The initial presentation was held on Friday in Connecticut (United States).

As Polygon has reported  , designer Judy A. Juracek alleges in her lawsuit that Capcom used photographs from her book “Surfaces,” a collection of 1,200 photos of textures, for scenery and other elements . This 1996 book is protected by copyright and is used as a visual investigation for different artists. Juracek has explained that a license is required to use her work commercially and Capcom never contacted her to get one.

According to Juracek, at least 80 photographs have been used in different Capcom game settings, and she has even pointed to a broken glass texture used in the Resident Evil 4 logo that she made in Italy. In the lawsuit, there are 200 cases in which Capcom has allegedly used his work in different creations of the scenarios and other elements that appear in the games.

Part of the evidence Juracek presents comes from the massive data breach that Capcom suffered in 2020 . According to the designer, at least one of the images in Capcom’s pirated files has the same name as one of the files that are on a CD with images of the author that accompanies the book Surfaces. In the suit you can see this coincidence.

Juracek is seeking $ 12 million in damages. Capcom has commented, in statements to Polygon, that it is aware of the lawsuit and does not have to comment on it. The designer has also indicated in the lawsuit that film director Richard Raaphorst has recently accused Capcom of plagiarizing the design of one of his monsters in Resident Evil 8.

Source: Polygon




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