Horizon Forbidden West: Extra Details And Systems (Plus 60 FPS) on PlayStation 5

Guerrilla Games will not consider the PlayStation 4 version as a second-class port.


Game Informer created a video interview with Mathijs de Jonge, the director of Horizon Forbidden West. Here, he said that they are not going to ignore those who still play on the console that Sony released in 2013: „We are ensuring that owners of that console [the PlayStation 4] have a great experience and the game will look fantastic on that console.

For the PlayStation 5, we can go much further, of course. Graphically, the rendering technique for the underwater scenes is special for the PlayStation 5, it has extra details and extra systems, like the wave technique is better on that system. The lighting on Aloy on PlayStation 5 has much more definition.

We use a special cinematic lighting rig, that on the PlayStation 4 is only used in cutscenes because the game is not running and we have more processing power in those scenes. But with the PlayStation 5, we have plenty of processing power, so we can have that lighting rig always available, so she always looks great with that lighting setup travelling with her anywhere,” de Jonge said. He also confirmed that the PlayStation 5 version of the game will offer a 60 FPS performance mode.

Horizon Forbidden West doesn’t have a launch window yet. Even Sony isn’t sure that the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn will launch in the 2021 Holiday season, so it might be delayed to early 2022 on both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. We can only hope that the PlayStation 4 version won’t be graphically held back to make it run properly (as in, not like Cyberpunk 2077 did… yes, we had no better example to remember).

Source: PSL

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