Alain Delon doesn’t die “just like that” and he has a new announcement!

MOVIE NEWS – Legendary French film star Alain Delon is “back” – in every sense of the word – as he is working on a brand new film, according to an exclusive interview with Paris Match.


Alain Delon, 85, is currently living in complete solitude with his dogs on his estate in Douchy. After winning an honorary Palme d’Or at Cannes in May 2019 and suffering a stroke a few weeks later, the French film star has virtually disappeared. The 85-year-old star recovered in Switzerland, then at home in Douchy, and has now regained his strength, writes

An exclusive interview with the actor was conducted by Paris Match journalist Cyril Viguier and will be broadcast on French TV5 Monde on 1 July under the title “Alain Delon versus the world“. Paris Match posted a preview video of this on its website, but took it down shortly after its release. “The exclusive confessions of a burnt-out man who has finally found peace in life.” – writes Paris Match, which had the opportunity to do an exclusive interview with Delon.


You almost died, you were undead.”

– Viguier opened with this sentence.

I don’t just die like that!”

– the 85-year-old legend retorted, defiantly and self-deprecatingly, laughing at himself.

Is Alain Delon back?”

– Viguier asked.


– Delon replied resolutely, and then laughed and asked more:

You’re not rooting for me? I don’t give a shit about people who don’t root for me!


Viguier added in the short video that the stroke hadn’t changed Alain Delon, the star had just taken a step back, kept his distance, looked back on his life and career from afar. Not only because of the stroke, of course, but also because of the coronavirus that has ravaged France over the past two years. In the meantime, Delon disappeared completely, seemingly ceasing all activity – of course, this was also the case for many other stars during the coronavirus. Delon, too, had to retire, to fend for himself.

According to Viguier, however, this is not so embarrassing for Delon, because the French film star has long been living alone with his dogs on his estate anyway. Delon was like that when he was young – unlike the socialite Jean-Paul Belmondo, another French film star with whom Delon and he are great friends. But Alain Delon has always lived in solitude somewhere (even when he was in relationships), and he has always regenerated in it – as he did in his most famous film role, The Assassin of the Samurai.

But the real surprise announcement is that Alain Delon is back in production after so many years of retirement

one last film“,

a chance to crown his illustrious film career. This is also significant because Alain Delon has been in complete retirement since 2012, never to be seen on the big screen or in TV series. Having survived a stroke and a coronavirus epidemic, he is now preparing his new film. No more is known about this film yet, but more will probably be revealed in the full interview with Alain Delon, broadcast on French TV5 Monde on 1 July.

Source: Paris Match

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