Capcom Might Be Using The Weirdest Marketing To Promote Resident Evil!

We understand that there is uniqueness in the marketing of Resident Evil, but the Japanese publisher’s move is perhaps not quite right.


Resident Evil, or Biohazard if you are from Japan, is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Capcom (to celebrate it) has released an unusual product line. Perfumes. You did not read that incorrectly: we did write perfumes. Fair enough, a few years ago, Capcom had a bloody, gory scented candle for the franchise, but this might take the cake (or scrape the bottom of the barrel?).

So three characters are getting Resident Evil perfumes, namely Jill Valentine, Leon S. Kennedy, and Chris Redfield, the people from the first episodes of the series, who are now available via Capcom’s Japanese store. We aren’t that surprised to see Japan, of all the places, sell such products, but at this rate, if it gets an international release, that wouldn’t be that shocking…

We have no clue how these perfumes smell. The description for them states that the characters inspired the fragrances. Okay… but how? Remember that Leon and Jill were in the sewers in Resident Evil 2 and 3, respectively. Do they smell like their adventures? But these are survival horror games? Are they not meant to be used as actual perfume? Is Capcom trying to stir the pot?

Capcom isn’t a stranger to making scents based on its popular franchises. Previously, the Japanese company made a product line for Devil May Cry (going by the style, we can understand it), Ace Attorney (reasonable), or Monster Hunter (…huh). At this rate, they can go as far as selling rebranded motor oil for Mega Man…

It’s not as problematic as Akklaim’s past with Shadow Man: 2econd Coming, advertising the game on tombstones…

Source: GameInformer

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