Team Asobi Is Preparing Their “Most Ambitious Game Yet”

Team Asobi, the creators of Astro’s Playroom, which comes as standard on PlayStation 5, and Astro Bot: Rescue Mission for PlayStation VR, are certainly up to something new.


Sony Interactive Entertainment’s studio, which effectively acts as a replacement for SIE Japan Studio (that had many departures before the closure), has launched its new website, where it confirmed that they are up to their “most ambitious game yet,” and it’s currently in development.

“We are a new and dynamic PlayStation Studio based in vibrant Tokyo, Japan. We create top-quality games for players of all ages on PlayStation. Our latest work is the critically acclaimed Astro Bot: Rescue Mission for Playstation VR and Astro’s Playroom for PlayStation 5. We’re currently hard at work on our most ambitious game yet!”, the website’s About Us page reads. The studio currently has thirteen open positions in gameplay programming, game design, engine, art, and audio.

Two months ago, when SIE formally introduced Team Asobi, we wrote the following: “So, who are the Asobis then? Since we are a PlayStation game development studio located in the cool and vibrant Tokyo, most of the team are Japanese. We also have several members coming from various other countries: England, Germany, France, Scotland, Korea, Spain, and Colombia. We need to have this mixed background to help us create universal games. And of course, we all share that same love for Japan: its craft, its pop culture, its gaming heritage but also its beautiful seasons, wacky innovations (so many!!) and delicious food!

Technology has also been a defining factor for Team Asobi. Many Asobis have a simple love affair with tech, but we also realize that technology in itself is only the starting point. It then needs to be turned into something magical and awe-inspiring to be meaningful. In that respect, working with the DualSense controller as of late has been great fun, and we are continuing to enjoy experimenting with it at this very moment. But shhh, it’s a secret! Finally, we inspire by crafted video games, and all of Team Asobi members are keen gamers. We love all types of games, including, of course, platformers that deliver that second-to-second joy where every single successful jump you make is a mini-story in itself.”

We’ll see what they will create.

Source: Gematsu

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