Embracer Group Continues Its Incredible Expanding Pace!

The Sweden-based Embracer Group announced eight further acquisitions. For instance, you might know them via THQ Nordic (it’s one of its “arms”). They got a reasonably big company, too!


Under Coffee Stain Studios, we now see Easy Trigger and Ghost Ship Games joining the fray: “Through the acquisition, Coffee Stain onboards a talented team that will boost the development of the first-party IP within the group. In the future, Easy Trigger will collaborate with Coffee Stain to continue working on the Huntdown IP and creating new original indie titles. […] Ghost Ship Games is an award-winning studio composed of industry veterans with an established relationship with Coffee Stain. […] An experienced team with proven capabilities of creating excellent indie IP. Ghost Ship Games will remain autonomous […], supporting the studio with new game development projects as we advance,” Embracer Group wrote.

Under Embracer Group, the two new additions are CrazyLabs and Grimfrost: “CrazyLabs is an Israel-based publisher and developer of mobile hit game Super Stylist and long-lasting casual and lifestyle role-playing games. Additionally, CrazyLabs is one of the top hyper-casual publishers. CrazyLabs was the third most downloaded publisher in all mobile games in 2020, with over 4.5 billion downloads to date and over 110 million monthly active users. CrazyLabs will improve Embracer Group’s publishing capabilities within mobile, add scale and create additional M&A opportunities. […] Grimfrost is an e-commerce specialist and a leading player with a global brand within high-quality Viking merchandise.”

Under Koch Media, the two acquisitions are DigixArt and Force Field: “DigixArt is a development studio and the creator of Lost in Harmony, 11-11 Memories Retold, and upcoming title Road 96. DigixArt will continue to operate as an independent studio. […] Force Field is a leading VR development studio with a portfolio of multiple award-winning VR titles, including Oculus Studios’ titles Landfall, Time Stall, and Coaster Combat. […] An experienced team that enables increased first-party AAA VR development capabilities to fuel rapid growth in the VR market. From now on, Force Field will operate as an independent subsidiary to Vertigo Games and continue to produce innovative and creative VR titles.”

And now for the big move: Saber Interactive obtained 3D Realms (you might know them via Duke Nukem… and now that Gearbox is also under Embracer Group, there will be no more legal fighting on who can use the Duke; the two teams have to work together now!) and Slipgate Ironworks: “3D Realms, based in Aalborg, Denmark, is a game publisher with over 30 years of heritage in the industry and the creators of cult game series Duke Nukem. Through the acquisition, Saber onboards an experienced Danish publisher with an owner-led management team that will work closely with the Saber team going forward. The studio has a current pipeline of six new game titles and several exciting projects collaborating with Slipgate Ironworks.

Through the acquisition, Saber onboards a connected, experienced publisher with a lengthy background in games development. In the future, 3D Realms will continue to operate as a subsidiary under Saber and work closely with the Saber team on publishing projects. As part of the acquisition, CEO Mike Nielsen will step down, and Frederik Schreiber will assume CEO. Mike Nielsen will remain attached as an advisor. […] Slipgate, based in Aalborg, Denmark, is a game development studio with long experience collaborating with leading publishers and IP-owners on a broad range of projects. Through the acquisition, Embracer Group onboards a strong team with proven expertise in development, co-development and porting,” Embracer Group added.

When we say we should keep a close eye on how rapidly Embracer Group is going up the ladder, we mean it.

Source: Gematsu

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