New record: NES copy of Super Mario Bros. sells for $2 million!

This time Super Mario is  the most expensive video game in history.


Will the day ever come when this news story will be around for more than a month? The sales of video games for astronomical figures have reached a new level in 2021. In just a few months, the record for the most expensive game of all time has been broken several times.

In April, a copy of Super Mario Bros. was the most expensive, only to be surpassed by The Legend of Zelda in July and just two days later to be overtaken by Super Mario 64. Now, we return to the moustachioed plumber’s original adventure, as a copy of Super Mario Bros. from the NES has been sold for $2,000,000.

The most striking thing about the site Rally, in charge of the transaction, is that the anonymous buyer bought the game based on acquiring all its shares. It’s possible because on Rally is possible to purchase shares in collectables, such as stickers, comics or old cars.

In this way, investors are guaranteed an easy way to increase the money spent, and in this case, as The New York Times reports, their return has been 900%. The unique thing about this copy of Super Mario Bros. is not any different from other times.

It is factory sealed, graded by a company that rates the preservation of the objects and belongs to a limited run. Now it’s just a matter of waiting a few days for someone else to add to the record.

Source: VidaExtra

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