Dead By Daylight – Shared Progression, Cross-Play [VIDEO]

The developers of Dead By Daylight have decided to take an exemplary step: implement a FUNCTIONAL Cross-Play on every console!

The Nintendo Switch, Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox One versions are all affected by the new update, which will allow us to transfer our backups from one platform to another, while anyone will be able to play with each other from any machine!


Dead By Daylight is trying to accomplish all of this in a large-scale update that will arrive on all machine types soon, making our full friend list available among the machines, so we’ll be able to play with any of our friends, whichever platform they play on!


The update was reported by the development team on the game page. The game, which has already supported cross-play between Steam and Windows 10 versions, now extends this feature after a lengthy testing.

Cross-play and sharing your playlists and saved progress are all part of the update that will soon arrive on the machines listed, allowing you to play with each other, but not just consoles, but even with PC players! It hasn’t been revealed exactly when the new version will be live, but as the team’s post wrote, an update will be made soon. Developer Behavior Interactive will continue to monitor the operation of the game even after the fix to ensure that the gameplay remains balanced and fair. Players can even turn off the feature, as this will be possible.



Unfortunately, the upcoming version of Google Stadia will not benefit from this update, you will only receive backup transfers. (Cross-progression)


The Cross-progression update comes with the Stadia version, and the PC and Switch versions will receive it first in September this year. Our progress, purchases and inventory will be shared between the platforms. It’s a trick that was hard to achieve, as the developer post explains, it wasn’t easy to do, players will need to create a new “Behavior Account” for the system to manage their backup saves between different systems.


The post also writes about the mobile version of the game: unfortunately, the cross-play phenomenon doesn’t seem to be possible on the mobile interface at the moment.


“The game system and architecture are significantly different. We are prioritizing the release of cross-play between PC & Consoles first to make sure that the experience is smooth for the players on those platforms.”


Dead by Daylight has been expanded with Silent Hill content not so long ago, so on some level this game is the closest to what we might have called Silent Hill in recent years… Unfortunately.

Source: Gamespot

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