Compound Fracture: survival horror to follow Dino Crisis

Iteria Games pays homage to Capcom’s classic Dino Crisis with a shooter with a classic aesthetic and retro visuals that looks like it just came out of the first PlayStation.


The Dino Crisis saga has sadly faded into obscurity at its creator, and as the years have passed, more and more users have considered it a dead issue. Although Capcom promised to revive some of its inactive licenses over a year ago, we still don’t know anything about the adventures of Regina and her Triassic friends. So several companies have taken up the baton.

Iteria Games has unveiled the trailer for its new survival horror, Compound Fracture, entirely inspired by the Capcom saga. This case swaps the fixed camera system and third-person view for a first-person perspective, shifting the saga’s classic style towards FPS. Dinosaurs will be the enemy we’ll have to fight, and in the worst-case scenario, they’ll hunt us down.



Dino Crisis is one of Capcom’s most beloved and memorable sagas for survival horror fans of the 90s. The saga was a huge success in the 90s, thanks to Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster Jurassic Park. Capcom’s title used Spielberg’s fearsome dinosaurs in a genre he had mastered to perfection.

Compound Fracture stands out with its retro visuals and soundscape that perfectly recreate the 3D graphics of the 32-bit generation. In the story, players will investigate a gruesome crime while trying to escape from the terrifying predators that inhabit the prehistoric ChronoGas camp. The return of dinosaurs to the big screen seems to have reignited interest in the series for many studios. Instinction is another game that aims to be the spiritual successor to Dino Crisis. Dino’s Reborn also focuses on dinosaur survival as the central pillar of the story.

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