AMLO has once again lashed out against “nintendos” and online games

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO for short) is relentless in his attack on video games, repeatedly claiming that they have too much influence on children and young people.


This is the fourth time that the President of Mexico has made negative comments about video games. The theme is the same: the confinement of children and young people. The politician simply repeated his earlier words that “nintendos” encourages a lot of unsupervised violence.

“I believe that there is little or no risk and that we are greatly affected by children and adolescents being locked up and watching nintendos,” were AMLO’s words at a conference on 17 August.

But this time, he also spoke about online games. “Who is analysing the content of these games? There is a lot of violence in them,” the president said of online games. According to him, children from different countries of the world who do not know each other and who go online are exposed to a massive amount of violence in these types of video games (in reality, children can be exposed to even more and more profound trauma, given the poverty, the drug war and public safety in Mexico – ed.)

According to AMLO, face-to-face lessons are “extremely important” to ensure that children are unaffected by the “nintendo”. He says it is no longer dangerous to take young people out of the home who are suffering from a sedentary lifestyle and mental health problems.

However, AMLO also reiterated that we are all free to decide whether or not to take our children and young people to school on 30 August, when school starts in the country. (This seems a rather bold statement from a leading politician ahead of the fourth wave of the global pandemic – ed.)

Source: 3djuegos

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