Devil May Cry: nearly €5000 for a Dante figure

This is limited edition Devil May Cry content to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Capcom’s saga. It’s a luxury few can afford.


The Devil May Cry saga has been full of charisma from all sides in almost every appearance, and believe it or not; time is passing so quickly that the game is already celebrating its 20th anniversary. To celebrate in style, we’re introducing a figurine that you can use to pay homage to Dante’s main character if you have over €4,000 to spend…



Inspired by a version of the character from Devil May Cry 5, the figure has an exact price of 520,190 yen and was created by Prime 1 Studio, experts in this type of artwork. The figure stands out for its quality and detail and its 1/2 scale, i.e. a height of about one meter.

As you can see, the figure of Dante lacks in detail, neither in the care taken to recreate his face nor in his clothing. The main version has a replacement head with synthetic hair. There is also a slightly cheaper version, priced at around €2500 but lacking certain extras.



The latest in the saga is DMCV, released in 2019 and updated with an enhanced version for next-generation consoles.

Source: 3djuegos

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