The Medium: the PS5 face to face with the Xbox Series version!

Bloober Team’s The Medium debuted in January on Xbox Series X|S exclusive consoles. Now let’s see what the game can do on PS5!


The Medium is now available on PlayStation 5… or almost. The Bloober Team‘s horror title, previously an Xbox X and S Series exclusive on consoles, lands on Sony this Friday, bringing a spooky story set to music by Akira Yamaoka. And now that you have more opportunities to try out the adventure than ever before, ElAnalistaDeBits brings us this video comparison of The Medium, comparing the PS5, Xbox Series and PC versions head-to-head.



The Medium for PS5 features some notable technical changes compared to Microsoft’s console. As ElAnalistaDeBits points out in their review, the PlayStation version has no ray tracing. The Xbox Series X version was limited to partial use of the technique for reflections and ambient occlusion. The PS5 version, however, removes ray tracing for better performance, resulting in some changes to the visuals. “To compensate for this, the Bloober Team seems to have tweaked the lighting and ambient occlusion a bit on PS5 (with good results in places and not so good results in others),” the user writes.

For example, he claims that the Bloober Team has changed the direction of the light in the starting area, which completely changes the lighting in the rooms. But of course, sacrificing ray tracing allows the game’s resolution to be increased on PS5 and offers more stable performance. “It runs at a dynamic 4K like the X Series but doesn’t peak as low as Microsoft’s console,” adds this outlet. In numbers, that means the PS5 is holding its own at 1260p in areas where the Xbox Series X has dropped below 1080p, ElAnalistaDeBits reports.



But not all the data is suitable for The Medium’s port. “The PS5 suffers more from stuttering than the Xbox, especially in cinematic scenes at 30 FPS,” this outlet mentions. According to their analysis, load times are twice as fast on the X series as on the PS5: 10/20 seconds on average on the Xbox, compared to 20/30 seconds on average on the PlayStation. It also mentions that shadows are “harder” on PS5 than on all other platforms. Still, ElAnalistaDeBits sees some improvement in anisotropic filtering in the new version of the game.

Medium will be available for PS5 on 3 September. Inspired by Silent Hill, the horror-adventure game follows a ghostly medium that travels in two different realities at once. We tell you what to expect from the game in our review of The Medium.

Source: ElAnalistaDeBits

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