“Prologue Will Likely Be Boring!”, PlayerUnknown Claims!

The battle royale genre’s creator openly claims that his next game: Prologue’s “testbed” will not be that exciting.


Brendan Greene, better known as PlayerUnknown, announced a few days ago that he’s leaving Krafton to work on Prologue, a free-to-play survival sandbox experience. The lessons learned here will help PlayerUnknown Productions make the proper game, which will aim for the stars in all aspects.

“I think [Prologue’]ll be quite boring. Light fires, board up windows, keep yourself warm against the constant storm where cold weather will knock you out. But again, it’s more to show a consistent world with logical points on it where you can do things, and this is systemic gameplay. We’re using Prologue as a testbed for the game elements of the world.

We can test out an electrical system. We can put in a better animation system. All these things will be spec’d out first in Prologue, made to work, and then when we come to Artemis, we at least have the logic figured out and start programming it into the engine. It’s like what ArmA was for the battle royale genre. It was a place for me to test, iterate, get a final game mode, and then be able to say, ‘Okay, it works.’ That’s what we want to do with Prologue,” Greene told VentureBeat in an interview.

So Prologue is meant to be a tech demo to help the developers. It will be limited in size, too: “Artemis probably won’t be worlds generated with runtime. Prologue will be. Every time you press play, you’ll get a new world. It will hopefully be a different enough terrain that it should feel different every time. With Artemis, we won’t have that. We’ll probably have static worlds that you can come and enter. Prologue is on a much smaller scale as well. It’s maybe 32 kilometres by 32 kilometres or 64 kilometres by 64 kilometres, whereas Artemis will be planet-scale, hopefully. A smaller planet, but that kind of scale. We want to give people a new place to live because this one has some issues,” Greene added.

Artemis will aim high, but it will need several years to be made.

Source: WCCFTech


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