Destroy All Humans 2 – Reprobed Announced!

THQ Showcase has just announced a handful of new games, and one of them got a CGI Trailer and a gameplay trailer – it is our favourite alien back in action in Destroy All Humans 2 – Reprobed.


Destroy All Humans was remade from the ground up in Unreal Engine 4 and released in 2020. It was not just a simple texture upres. Cinematics were redone, graphics, models, and additional details to the landscape were added, plus a cut mission was reintegrated into the main game called “Lost Mission of Area 42”.

A more than a year has passed since the remake’s release, and today on the THQ Showcase, it was announced that the second game is also getting a full-blown remake. The original’s sequel takes place in the 1960s and is not just focused on the USA but also takes place in Russia, the UK, Japan.

New weapons will also be coming to the remake, such as Meteor Shower, body snatching, and mass hypnosis. Plus, the game will feature two-player local and online co-op, so now you can go and Probe civilians with your friend across the globe! The story will pick up ten years after the first game, and Crypto’s plan for world domination is threatened none other by the KGB.

No release date has been provided, but the game will be available on PC, Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5. You can read about the first game’s remake review here.

Check out the announcement trailer and the gameplay trailer below.



Source: Gematsu

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