Dune – Debuts Internationally with $36 Million

MOVIE NEWS – 2021’s Dune probably has the wildest and weirdest theatrical release for a long time, as it is all over the place.


Dune has had a rocky road towards the cinematic release. First of all, Covid-19 completely derailed the original release plans for the movie. It got delayed by a year, and then there was a bit of a dispute between Legendary and Warner Bros when Warner Bros decided to put the movie on to HBO Max and release at the same time when the theatrical release was supposed to start.

Now it seems that certain markets overseas are getting the movie a month early, as the movie already made 36 million dollars in 24 markets, including Russia, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Ukraine, Hong Kong, and Singapore. It also broke IMAX attendance records within these territories and was number one movie for IMAX.

Dune does not release in the North American market in theatres and on HBO Max until October 22; however, it is off to a promising start overseas. It has ranked #1 in “virtually all markets” that it has appeared.

Hopefully, the good news will not stop, and once Dune is available every next month on October 22 2021, it will be a smash hit, and hopefully, the sequel will be greenlit, as the movie is only the first part of the original book.

Source: IGN 

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