Xbox Can Now Run Stadia Thanks To System Update

TECH NEWS – The latest system update to Xbox also updated Xbox’s Edge browser allowing for greater compatibility and speed, plus you can access Stadia now.


Xbox has been testing the waters for many things to make it less of a closed system and more open to Apps and even emulation software (though not officially). Microsoft just released an update to Xbox, the September system update that now allows everyone and not just Xbox Insider to run Stadia from their Xbox using their console’s web browser.

The latest version of Edge, which supports mouse and keyboard, can also access Steam PC games and improve compatibility with services like Skype and Discord through the web and browser-based games.

September’s Xbox update also introduces two new ways for PC users to play Xbox games remotely. Windows 10 PC users can stream Xbox Game Pass titles from the cloud and stream games from their home consoles after the latest updates to the Xbox app.

Microsoft has also enabled remote play in the Xbox app, enabling users to stream Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One consoles to PCs.

Source: VGC

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