Call of Duty life pictures from LEGO!

Call of Duty: A 3D artist has digitally recreated virtual LEGO bricks of Nuketown, Crash and co. The authentic images would have cost thousands of dollars to put together.


We’re entering the final stretch of the year, which means another batch of regular shooters is coming our way. Call of Duty: Vanguard is just around the corner, and to hype up the anticipation, some of you can push your skills to the limit for your enjoyment.

Such is the case with Evghenii Loctev, who has devoted a lot of time to recreate the saga’s most legendary life-forms in original ways, using LEGO pieces. He did this in collaboration with Diamond Lobby, who had this fantastic idea, contacting the Moldovan 3D artist to bring the most recognisable locations from the war franchise to life through the famous toy pieces.




True, he didn’t build them, but these designs, created using the free Bricklink Studio 2.0 software, are pretty close to what you’d see if he’d put them together. It helps, of course, that the tool offers an extensive parts library and that the screenshots faithfully follow the designs we see on the loading screens during the game.

The complete list consists of eight images, all of which are easily recognisable to fans of the series. There are Castle, Crash, Firing Range, Nuketown, Raid, Rust, Slums and Terminal. According to the publication, physically building them would cost thousands of euros per project, mainly due to the many parts required.

Source: Diamond Lobby

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