The terrifying trailer for Choo-Choo Charles will keep you awake at night…

Choo-Choo Charles: in this new survival horror game, you’ll face an enemy straight out of your worst nightmares. Unlike most train companies, this train is never late – it’s in a hurry!


It’s October, summer’s over, and it’s horror lovers’ favourite month. But while you’re waiting for Halloween, ready to turn your houses into the sets of Addams Family movies, Two Star Games has unveiled a new horror game that will leave no one indifferent to its theme and quirky villain.

We’ve had some exciting horror games lately, like The Medium or Resident Evil: Village, but this time the monster that’s going to hunt us down is a giant spider train with a design so extraordinary it’s hard to forget. The game takes us to an island, where we encounter all sorts of sinister elements, in a forest where we feel constantly watched and stalked.

Our companion on the road to survival will be our train, an old vehicle that we must upgrade to help us escape the monster that wants to end our lives. In the trailer, we can see the management elements that will allow us to improve our train to give it better characteristics and make it more resistant to attacks.



The tracks that we follow will be essential to prevent Charles from hunting us, and we will have to clear these tracks of objects by walking or changing the direction of the ways. We’ll also need to find materials and supplies to repair the train and negotiate with sinister settlers in exchange for weapons and other items required to take Charles down. The game’s no release date has been confirmed, but Two Star Games hopes to have it ready for PC next year.

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Source: Two Star Games

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