Metroid Prime 3 Wasn’t A More Ambitious Open World Game Because The Power Of The Wii Couldn’t Handle It

Retro Studios has revealed the first designs for Metroid Prime 3, originally intended for Nintendo’s motion-controlled console.



Every time a new game in a series arrives, fans like to revisit fond memories of their favourite games in that series. In the case of Samus, fans have rightly been waiting for a huge revolutionary change for years, and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption could have brought that transformation. As it turned out, the Nintendo Wii title set its sights much higher at first than it was able to achieve later on.

That was according to development director Bryan Walker, who was a producer at Retro Studios before leaving in 2012. In a conversation with Kiwi Talkz, he confirmed that he and Mark Pacini (director of the Metroid Prime series) had envisioned a much more ambitious game, with plans for the game world to be less confining and linear for both our heroine and her ship.

Specifically, open-world elements were to have been included in the first version, but these were discarded because they were too much of a burden on the Wii’s hardware. “Mark came up with an interesting twist on Metroid Prime 2,” said Walker. “We had a much less linear concept and too big an open world that the team was excited about.

Unfortunately, however, hardware, or more specifically, low memory, got in the way of the plans…

We knew what Xbox 360 was going to have, we knew what PS3 had inside … but the initial specifications that we were looking for [on Wii] did not arrive and were insufficient from a hardware and memory point of view. There were too many drawbacks,” he concludes.

Despite all this, Walker confirmed that Retro Studios is still very proud of its baby, Metroid Prime 3 in its final form, and said he hopes that with Metroid Prime 4 they can leapfrog the level they have failed to do before. There’s no word yet on what the boys and girls will be bringing together this time around, but Metroid Dread is coming this week, and we’ll be able to play this Nintendo Switch game from October 8th!


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