Ghost Recon Frontline: “It’s Different In Many Ways From Regular Battle Royale-s”

Ubisoft tries again with a free-to-play battle royale Ghost Recon Frontline game. We wonder if the French publisher can now pull off something memorable or not.


Do you remember Hyper Scape from August 2020? No? We are not surprised. It’s another battle royale from Ubisoft. However, they aren’t giving up: they are now making a battle royale out of the Ghost Recon franchise, which didn’t bring as many positive comments from the series’ fans. After all, this series started as a tactical shooter…

But how does Ubisoft try to protect its hide? Their brand director, Stefan Marinescu, gave his best to Gamesradar: “It’s imperative to understand how we are different. Battle Royale is a genre. It’s not like we’re very far away from it, but we are different in many ways. We are free to play, indeed, but we are a tactical, action, massive PvP shooter; that’s what we want to call it. It’s our own, very personal take on this enormous PvP shooting scene that’s done in the Ghost Recon universe.

We always wanted to have something different. We didn’t want to come to the market with the same thing as everyone else. It was always about our vision of it. Within the team, we are gamers, and we are all shooter gamers. I was once semi-pro in Counter-Strike, and many other people on the team have played a lot of other shooter games. We have this experience, and Frontline is our own very personal take on the genre and what an authentic, massive military shooter would ideally be as per our vision. That is why we did not go for the same recipe,” Marinescu said, apparently forgetting about Hyper Scape himself. The game will have another, more traditional game mode: Control will have two nine-player teams face off.

Marinescu also talked about how the new Ghost Recon will not be a pay-to-win game: “Players can expect a lot of cosmetics, and all of them will be grounded in today’s reality. We are not building a fantasy game; we are building an authentic military game. This is why we’re sticking to the Ghost Recon pillar so closely. For all Ghost Recon fans, it is essential to know that our entire arsenal of weapons, skins, and everything is anchored in reality – and that’s today’s reality, not the future’s. We will have a lot of cosmetic things within the Battle Pass.

I want to mention, though, that the game is under no circumstance a pay-to-win game. Everything in the Battle Pass is strictly cosmetic; it doesn’t influence the game in any way. So yes, we are delighted with where we are in that we think the players will enjoy the military authenticity type of customization that we prepared for them,” he added.

Ghost Recon Frontline’s first closed test will run on PC in Europe only from October 14 to 21. The full game will later have cross-play support on almost all platforms (PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, Amazon Luna… they only skip the Nintendo Switch aside from mobile platforms).

Source: WCCFTech

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