Fortnite Devs Admits That AmongUs Inspired Them For Their ‘Imposters’ Mode

The similarities between Epic Games’ Imposters gameplay and Innersloth’s game were just too obvious.


They say it’s better to fix things late than never. Perhaps that is why Epic Games, after releasing a temporary game mode for Fortnite in August that had too many similarities to Among Us, decided to mention the Innersloth game as the primary source of inspiration. Something that has been dropped among the novelties for ‘Imposters’, the mode copied from Fortnite.

In this sense, the Epic Games title blog has shared a post about the v18.20 patch, “which brings improvements to Imposters, the game mode inspired by Among Us from Innersloth.” And while this may be seen as a slight redemption on the part of the Fortnite creators, Eurogamer has noted that there is no allusion to Among Us on the game page.

However, this adds to the fact that Fortnite has wanted to take advantage of the “news” to openly chat with Among Us on Twitter, not only mentioning the game’s official account as inspiration for its ‘Imposters’ mode but also to “work on something fun “.

This dance of inspiration came from August when Fortnite released a game mode called ‘Imposters’ that was perceived as a carbon copy of the general proposal of Among Us. In this sense, the Innersloth team felt helpless to see that one of the most popular video games of the moment had used an idea of Among Us, even after having denied a supposed collaboration with Epic Games. Therefore, it has taken two months since the ‘Imposters’ premiere for Fortnite to accept the inspiration finally.

At the moment, it seems that things are on the right track, as the Innersloth team did not hesitate to show their anger when the Fortnite game mode debuted. Therefore, and repeating what was said initially, it is better to fix things late than never, although each one will draw their conclusions about whether Epic Games has taken the right step at last.

Source: AmongUs Twitter Channel

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