Giancarlo Esposito Gets Even Scarier With The First Playstation Graphics For Far Cry 6! [VIDEO]

In a video featuring the first Sony console graphics, Ubisoft shows off their latest game: Far Cry 6.


The world of video games is becoming ever more amazingly lifelike, but the community continues to regale us with curiosities that make us smile from time to time. The adaptation of today’s video games to older graphics is nothing new, and fans of Bloodborne have even completed a playable “demake” of FromSoftware’s title.

This time, Far Cry 6 was affected. YouTube user Jackarte has altered the artwork from the original trailer for the Ubisoft title, giving us a glimpse of what Far Cry 6 might have looked like on the original, first PlayStation console.

The actual models and textures have been replaced with much simpler ones, keeping in line with the 3D titles we could play on Sony’s first console. The work doesn’t stop there, as the sound has also been tweaked to adapt to the low resolution, the sound quality is less good, and you hear a loud noise when the music plays.

Despite the formidable appearance of the villain Anton Castillo, played by Giancarlo Esposito, this is not the aspect that has generated the most controversy around the title, which even had to contend with protests from PETA.

Source: 3djuegos

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