Payday 3: The Franchise Turned Ten; New Details About The Long-Awaited Sequel

Starbreeze is slowly but steadily climbing out of the financial hole, which isn’t common in the gaming industry.


Why did the Swedish company even fall there? The answer is simple: it is Overkill’s The Walking Dead. The publisher put a lot of eggs into its basket, but the game flopped, and the development costs nearly took Starbreeze down, too. It even had to get rid of System Shock 3’s publishing rights not to go bankrupt. This period seems to be over, and the Payday franchise’s next instalment might be appropriately trusted this time.

Payday launched ten years ago, and Starbreeze celebrated the anniversary in a stream, where the publisher announced new details: “The sequel will be set in The Big Apple: New York City. The game is set in a living, enormous representation of the city. One game-changer: the media is now covering the gang, their exploits, and who knows what might come from that…

PAYDAY 3 is set several years after the events of 2, where the gang retired from their life of crime and rode off into the sunset. In the meantime, the world of PAYDAY has transitioned into the digital age, with software giants, cryptocurrencies, mass surveillance and the Dark Web all playing a role in the gang’s new gadgets, challenges and opportunities. The original four characters – Dallas, Hoxton, Chains and Wolf are returning to a life of crime for PAYDAY 3,” Starbreeze wrote.

They also announced that Payday Crime War would launch in December on Android in a closed beta. The mobile game will also include a 4v4 PvP mode. Payday 3 isn’t this close, though: Prime Matter (the new, June-launched publishing arm of the Embracer Group-owned Koch Media) will launch it in 2023, and by then, we should forget about the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One as target platforms.

Source: WCCFTech

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