PlayStation Direct: Available In Germany, Opening Soon In Other European Countries

TECH NEWS – The company confirmed yesterday that it would soon open (digital) PlayStation stores in the UK, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.



PlayStation continues to expand. Following the success of PS5, which has already reached a new sales milestone, Sony has embarked on a geographic expansion alongside digital ‘territorial expansion’ to expand the PlayStation Studios division further. PlayStation Direct, the company’s online store, has officially launched in Germany and aims to increase the brand’s presence across Europe.

PlayStation Direct is a platform created by Sony where users can buy PS5s and peripherals from the company. The store managed to gain a foothold in the US market back in 2019. But now, as promised a few months ago, the online store is making its debut on the European continent, with Germany being the first to launch.

In addition, PlayStation Direct’s further expansion in Europe is not in doubt. It has been confirmed that it will be coming to other countries soon, including the UK, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

The shortage of stock over the last year, for reasons well known, has hit PS5 production as hard as any other console. However, unlike retailers, PlayStation Direct has been able to keep Sony’s new console in stock at all times, so many US citizens have relied on this platform when buying their gaming machines.

With all this said, PlayStation is looking to the future: the landing of PlayStation Direct in Europe, among many other achievements, will allow them to continue to grow in the global market. To this end, Sony aims to sell 22 million PS5s next year and is sending planes full of consoles to the UK in preparation for the Christmas campaign.

Source: Twitter

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