Check Your Mail! – Microsoft May Send Up To $100 Worth Of Gift Vouchers For Christmas

Microsoft is silent on the matter for now, but it appears to be a holiday promotion.



It sounds like a scam, but Microsoft says “Merry Christmas!” to a handful of users. Although the company hasn’t announced anything about it, some players have already found a gift card in their emails to give more than one user a Christmas boost. So, as well as boosting its Xbox stock for Christmas, Microsoft is also giving out random gifts.

We learned this thanks to a user called Wario64, who is known on Twitter for sharing all sorts of offers and discounts. The news was confirmed by others, proudly waving their gift cards, which range from $10 to $100. With that amount, you can buy yourself a few hours of Xbox gaming fun.

However, not every email contains a prize: some users have received an email from Microsoft without any reward. So it seems that the company was giving out gifts and Christmas cards, so an email from Microsoft is not the same as $100.

As always, we strongly recommend that you check the sender of all messages, as gift cards are only sent from Microsoft’s official account!

Source: Twitter

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