Marvel’s Avengers: Spider-Man Debuts With Action-Packed Trailer [VIDEO]

Spider-Man joins the Avengers on 30 November, exclusively for PlayStation users.



The Marvel’s Avengers community has been eagerly awaiting the arrival of our ‘friend and neighbour’ Spider-Man, as after Black Panther landed with the War for Wakanda expansion, Crystal Dynamics has confirmed that Peter Parker will be the next superhero to be included in the game.

Now, IGN’s YouTube channel has an exclusive video to show us what the new character will look like. The trailer faithfully recreates the light-hearted yet heroic tone of Peter Parker’s character, and then the rest of the Avengers show up to help him in the fight. Although Square Enix has not yet revealed gameplay, it is hoped to be done before the 30 November release.

Spider-Man has caught the attention of fans of Marvel’s Avengers, who are expecting more new additions to the base game. At the superhero’s role announcement, the developers confirmed that Spider-Man’s character would be available exclusively for PS4 and PS5 users. At the same time, Crystal Dynamics is also preparing to release a major patch that will come out for all platforms.

As for the base game, Crystal Dynamics is constantly tweaking and tweaking, trying to iron out the kinks that have angered much of the community, and as Square Enix’s head recently said, the game has been “disappointing” – something the developers are now doing their best to change.

Source: IGN

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