Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – Crunchyroll Partnership Confirmed: Get Ready, Anime Fans!

Previous suspicious hints from Xbox Game Pass have now been confirmed with an official announcement.



Some gamers, for example, have other passions beyond Xbox. It seems that a relatively significant group of console users are pretty fond of the world of anime, and Xbox and Crunchyroll have decided to make an almost irresistible offer to all anime-loving gamers.

As Xbox explains on its website, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users will have the opportunity to enjoy these anime series through a free Crunchyroll Premium subscription. This offer will last for 75 days and can be activated at any time, so all players will be able to enjoy the aforementioned number of days at their leisure.

However, there are a few ‘buts’ here. For one, the offer is exclusive to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users, so other subscriptions to the brand are excluded. Also, gamers who want to take advantage of the Crunchyroll partnership will need to activate the 75 days by February 8, 2022. Finally, those who already have a Crunchyroll Premium subscription will not take advantage of the free 75 days.

The idea of anime adaptations is slowly making its way into the gaming sector, as we’ve already enjoyed the Castlevania series, which has just completed its fourth season, and a Devil May Cry project was also announced recently. But if you’re more interested in games, don’t forget that Xbox Game Pass has nine new titles coming out this month!

Source: Twitter

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