Forza Horizon 5: Put This On Your Car And Get Kicked Out For 8,000 Years

Forza Horizon 5 player banned for 8,000 years for joking



Forza Horizon 5 has achieved staggering numbers, racking up 8 million players in less than a week. Now, however, it has reached a curious milestone, as the development team has decided to ban a player from the title for 8,000 years. More than enough punishment for the user to reflect on his mistakes.

There’s no limit to the creativity of Forza Horizon 5 players when it comes to decorating their vehicles. Or almost. There are some themes that aren’t allowed, and one player has learned the hard way – with a lifetime ban from the game’s servers. User AllThingsRacing has shared this on Reddit, where he tells how his friend has been forced to leave the game seemingly forever. According to the developers, the player didn’t have a hilarious idea when he customised his car with the face of dictator Kim Jong-un in the style of the logo of KFC, the fast-food restaurant specialising in fried chicken. Other nods can also be read in the decoration, such as #SendNukes, which is reminiscent of the #SendNudes petition but with nuclear weapons, while the Pirelli logo now reads Pyongyang. Another image indicates the 38th parallel, which is the line separating the two Koreas.


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In the message sent to the banned player, you can read that his ban will last until December 31, 9999, so he is obviously banned from accessing Forza Horizon 5 in the future. Furthermore, it seems that this user has never committed any offences that have led to similar warnings or bans, so theories suggest that the 8,000 years is a (humorous, all things considered) bug in the game.


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This isn’t the first time we’ve seen news of absurd bans, as we heard of a Valve worker banning a fellow DOTA 2 player for laughing and Nintendo mistakenly punishing players for 135 years. Beyond the joke, hacks are still a serious issue in the online gaming world, which is why Halo Infinite has already confirmed future measures against cheaters.

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