Bethesda Can Be Working On A Major Comic Book Shooter

When Human Head Studios shut down, the veteran team reformed under Bethesda Softworks as Roundhouse Studios



Since then, though, we’ve not known what Roundhouse Studios has been up to. In any case, Bethesda could be working on a new online game, a third-person shooter in team-based PvPvE. Human Head Studios before reformed under Bethesda as Roundhouse Studios, spotted by comic book fan Faizan Shaikh, was working on an online team-based PvPvE third-person shooter based on a major comic book license in 2019, according to a LinkedIn profile of a senior programmer.

As Shaikh goes into more detail, stating that the “game was in an alpha state as of 2018” and that the team seems to have around 50 employees at the moment. Hopefully, that 2018 citation means we’ll hear something soon. We can also confirm that other former artists or programmers are talking about an unannounced AAA title started in 2019 at this studio.

The project has reportedly not been cancelled since, according to the team’s former Senior Character Artist.

Source: jeuxvideo

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