Marvel’s Avengers: the “Endgame” is Still a Long Way Off: Square Enix is Still Working on It

A new roadmap has not yet been shared, but those responsible have various contents on their hands.


Given the enormous success of Insomniac Games with Marvel’s Spider-Man, the public and Square Enix itself were high expectations that Marvel’s Avengers could also attract a large audience. Its performance was not such, to the point that some already see an end close to the landing of new content in the multiplayer title, a possibility that has already been denied.

According to a message on Reddit from Nick Edward, general director of the brand, there will be more content once the current content roadmap is finalized, ensuring that today there is no other scheme that says otherwise in this countryside. “There is a plan, and the team is eager to share more when the work is sufficiently advanced,” he added without offering details.

We will have to wait for the next few weeks and the jump to the new year to learn more about what Crystal Dynamic and the company are working on. We recently had the premiere of Spider-Man in the Avengers video game, a landing with criticism for its exclusive commitment to PlayStation and for its questionable quality, which in the last hours is being compared with its counterpart in Fortnite.

This November, Klaw’s Stroke: Discordant Sound also premiered, content designed to put the highest-level assault teams to the test. “Your strike team will face new enemies, environments and puzzles never seen before in Marvel’s Avengers that will put your minds, your combat prowess and your skills in teamwork to the test.”

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