PlayStation Wants To Regain Good Relationship With Indie Developers

After complaints from companies and studios, PlayStation seems to be taking the first step towards reconciliation



One of Sony’s successes during the closing of the PS3 era and the rise of PS4 was the great relationship it established with the independent scene, which was making its way fiercely into the industry in those years. PlayStation was a good home for independent companies, studios, and creatives for many years, but then that changed, and a big gap opened up. However, it seems that Sony has come to its senses and is now looking to make things right with indies.

According to GameRant, following complaints from members of the indie scene against Sony over the current state of relations with PlayStation, the Japanese company sent out a document titled 2021 Global Partner Survey Results, which shares the results of a related survey and acknowledges that there are things it needs to work on immediately to close the gap with indie game creators.

According to the document, PlayStation will improve communication channels with creatives and publishers to boost the publishing process, clarify the concerns of those involved and provide an experience that meets the needs of all parties.

PlayStation also pledges to support creatives and indie companies to help their games sell better on Sony consoles and offer new tools to improve outreach and provide greater visibility for low-profile games, something they suffered from during the PS4 era.

Finally, PlayStation pledged to improve the customer service experience so that it is prompt and meets the needs of game creators. Indeed, one of the goals of this strategy is to make indies a priority partner.

While there is some way to go in repairing the relationship between PlayStation and the indie scene, recent support for projects such as Kena: Bridge of Spirits and Tchia is seen as a sign of the brand’s new stance on the mistakes of the past.

Source: levelup

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