The Co-Founder Of Psygnosis, Ian Hetherington, Has Passed Away

The founder of Imagine Software, Psygnosis and Evolution Studios, Ian Hetherington, passed away after a brief illness



Hetherington was a prominent member of the UK video game development scene from the mid-1980s to the early 2000s and helped create several iconic titles for the original PlayStation. Hetherington was part of the team that launched PlayStation: he and the Psygnosis team directly influenced the technology that went into that first console. As director of Psygnosis, he worked on major titles such as Lemmings and Wipeout. Wipeout series creator Nick Burcombe and composer Tim Wright announced his passing via Twitter.

Hetherington co-founded Imagine Software in 1982, before forming Psygnosis in 1984 with David Lawson and Jonathan Ellis. He remained with the company until 1998, when he left to form Evolution Studios, another Liverpool-area-based team that went on to create a string of successful racing games, including WRC and MotorStorm. Sony subsequently consolidated these studios into Sony Computer Entertainment in 1999. In the process, Psygnosis was renamed SCE Studio Liverpool.

He left in 2007 and has since held senior positions at Realtime Worlds, Midoki and Immotion Group. He recently appeared in a documentary commemorating 30 years of Lemmings.

The news follows the death of Psygnosis and Imagine Software founder David Lawson earlier this year.

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