An Among Us-Style Resident Evil In The Pipeline At Capcom?

The Japanese publisher has taken note of Among Us’ success and is looking to adapt it into its survival horror Resident Evil franchise, which has been running for two and a half decades.


Rumours are now suggesting that one of the yet-to-be-announced Resident Evil projects could be a survival horror tie-in to Resident Evil 2, and our comrades might be stabbing us in the back at an unexpected moment. The image below has popped up on several forums, and it’s supposedly from a presentation. Resident Evil: Apocalypse asks who our friends and enemies are. This idea could work in a single-player concept with NPCs, and the game’s story could bring in more folklore-related characters (e.g. Wendigo or the Goatman). It may also feature an innovative partner system, so there could be a cheat among players a la Among Us.

According to the document, it would be a third-person survival horror game, which would also be the story’s final chapter. That means the Apocalypse-subtitled game connects Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil: Outbreak File 2. There are also rumours that this game could arrive in 2024 (and then it’s almost sure to be a PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PC title, by which time only indie developers would be thinking seriously about the PlayStation 4/Xbox One duo).

These are all rumours, but back in April, we heard (and maybe even wrote) that Resident Evil 9 would be the final part of the current trilogy. It now seems obvious since Resident Evil: Village finished one story thread but left the door open for the next episode, and we don’t want to get into story spoilers here, in case someone is going to be sitting down for Ethan Winters’ Eastern European (Romanian?) adventures at Christmas.

Finally, we’ll mention that this is not official, but Capcom is trying to follow the trends. Resident Evil 7/8 used a first-person perspective, and P.T., the teaser for the never-made Silent Hills, played a prominent role in this change.

Source: JVL

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