Pathfinder: Kingmaker Available For Free For PC On the Epic Games Store, And Tomorrow Comes Another Freebie [VIDEO]

Epic Games Store is giving away an ideal game for fans of traditional role-playing games



Epic Games Store continues to celebrate Christmas in style, and today brings us a new gift to continue investing hours of fun on our PC. Pathfinder: Kingmaker is the free game of the day, so you can claim this adventure before the promotion ends tomorrow, 25 December.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker takes us on a journey into a fantasy world where there is no shortage of fierce battles and government decisions, so we can be entertained for hours fighting monsters and searching for treasure. But to further enhance the RPG aspect of the game, the developers at Owlcat Games have spiced up their game with a wide range of decisions to decide the course of our character and the fate of our lands.

And this is amplified in a thousand ways, as Pathfinder: Kingmaker allows us to explore a great deal of freedom for the player thanks to all the possibilities it offers. In this sense, we can become the hero the planet needs or, if we prefer a more chaotic scenario, we have the option to transform ourselves into a cruel villain. The choice is up to us.

The Epic Games Store continues to get us in the holiday spirit with unlimited discount coupons on its offers, but remember that the gift-giving isn’t over yet. And it looks like the platform is going to give us a great Christmas with the iconic Prey, so we’ve got another excuse to check out the Epic Games Store.

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