An iOS App To Test The DualSense Trilggers’ Effects!

A twenty-year-old developer has done a pretty fair job; let’s hope that DualSense doesn’t make Sony threaten to take action against him.


Has anyone ever wanted to try the DualSense controller without running a game? That’s what the PlayStation 5 Controller Trigger Test app for iPhone (iOS) by Rihab Mehboob is all about, IGN reports. The developer says the app is a fun way to experience all the controller’s effects fully.

You can adjust the frequency and amplitude of the vibration, and (as if using weapons in games) you can also test the strength and feedback of the resistance in the app. Mehboob says, “I’ve always wanted to test and mess around with the different Dualsense trigger effects, but not many games use it, and when they do, it’s not customizable.” At least he’s implemented them, and quite cleverly: the app isn’t difficult to use, as all you have to do is connect your DualSense to your mobile, and you can try everything. There’s just one catch: the app is not free. It costs two dollars.

According to the description on Apple’s website, the interface is simple and easy to use, you can test all the effects with all possible values; try the two triggers separately, monitor the DualSense’s battery charge, adjust the light; the overall experience is improved by the small amount of haptic feedback the controller provides when using the app; voice-overs are supported, and Mehboob’s app also provides 3D touch.

The developer welcomes suggestions and feedback but is also happy to answer questions via Twitter. The only thing that seems worrying to us is asking for money for the app. Sony may even have the PlayStation 5 Controller Trigger Test removed from the Apple App Store on this basis, as if the app was free, there would be no monetization (unless there were ads in the app…) and there is. Android? Mehboob would love to learn coding for it…

Source: PSL

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