The Steam Deck Battery Drains Relatively Quickly!

Valve’s portable PC, Steam Deck, is missing a feature that might be important …


We hear new information about the Steam Deck, originally scheduled to start shipping to pre-orderers last December, but Valve has finally pushed that date back to February. So far, only a lucky few or the press have been able to try out the portable computer, but not a casual gamer. But the company is trying to keep the device in the news, and let’s not deny that Gaben and co have had some success…

Boiling Steam was contacted by a developer who requested anonymity. As he has access to a Steam Deck developer kit, he has a better insight into the subject. The dev said they were “not convinced that even with all the improvements to SteamOS 3.0 between August and October, it would have been ready by December. Yes, there’s a semiconductor shortage, but I think it’s not the real reason for the delay.”

And in the Q&A section, we have more details about Steam Deck. “Have you tried any demanding games? Yes – battery life is between 2-5 hours depending on APU load. How fast are load times from the microSD card? Indistinguishable from loading off the SSD, I’ve not timed anything. Can you resume a game at any point in time? Or do you have to exit and restart? Mid-game resuming is being worked on.

How much “better” does it feel than a Switch when playing games? If you had to compare qualitatively. It’s more comfortable to play for longer sessions, button placement is good. Being wider than the Switch helps with the Deck’s weight distribution and feeling of balance,” the section says. So there are plans for a comfort function (mid-game resuming), but the battery can drain reasonably quickly.

Of course, good luck to anyone getting one of these devices

Source: WCCFTech

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