Deep Rock Galactic Has Reached A Milestone Following Its Launch On PS4 And PS5 Earlier This Month

The sci-fi game Deep Rock Galactic is available as part of the PlayStation Plus offers for January.



Deep Rock Galactic has received rave reviews from action and exploration fans since its release in 2020. The game experience has been continually enhanced and improved, but its release on PS4 and PS5 marked a revolutionary change for the team at Ghost Ship Games. The studio ended 2021 on a high, but little did they know that landing on PlayStation consoles would bring them an exponential increase in player numbers, with 10 million users across all platforms.

Deep Rock Galactic was released for PlayStation on 4 January

In context, that number is even more impressive. Ghost Ship Games ended 2021 by selling 3 million copies during the year, and that number has grown tremendously in the short timeframe of 2022. After all, Deep Rock Galactic arrived on Sony platforms on 4 January, so it reached that number (including those playing on other devices) in just over a week!

It’s worth noting that thousands of players took advantage of the PS Plus offers in January, which included Deep Rock Galactic alongside Persona 5 Strikers and DiRT 5. Either way, there’s no doubt that the mechanics of the sci-fi setting have captured the community’s attention enough to make it a very memorable milestone for Ghost Ship Games.

As for the game itself, the basic idea behind Deep Rock Galactic is nothing short of amazing: it invites you into a world where mining is addictive. While it doesn’t have any particularly original solutions, it combines things so cleverly that it makes the game a unique and exhilarating experience, and you can even explore it with friends in co-operative mode.

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