The Settlers: Release Date & New Trailer For The Iconic Reboot [VIDEO]

Ubisoft is also preparing a closed beta for the updated The Settlers RTS, which you can sign up for now.



If you’re passionate about the strategy genre, you’ve probably played The Settlers. The franchise has stood the test of time in the gaming world for generations, and Ubisoft has already announced a reboot that brings back the series name and its distinctive essence. After a long period of silence surrounding the development, last month the French company promised to give us news soon, which came yesterday with the announcement of a PC release date.

The Settlers returns on 17 March



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Although Ubisoft has been stalling until now, it looks like we won’t have to wait much longer to get our hands on The Settlers on 17 March. Along with the information, a new trailer has been released, showing off the graphics achieved with the Snowdrop engine and all the possibilities the title has to offer.

The reboot is not just about nostalgia, it will also include several new features that will enhance the experience for all RTS fans. Based on two of the most popular titles in the series, The Settlers 3 and The Settlers 4, Ubisoft aims to revitalise the strategy and exploration adventure with a campaign and missions that can be completed solo or in co-operative mode. In addition to all this, multiplayer will be added, with game modes such as Assault and Skirmish.



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Admittedly, Ubisoft has tried to dampen the anticipation with some unexpected previews, but the mystery has undoubtedly been kept almost to the end. Now that the release date has been set, the company is inviting us to try the game by entering a closed beta, which will be available from 20 January to 24. You can sign up for this first opportunity on The Settlers website, where you can also get a taste of the strategy scenarios before launch.

Source: Ubisoft

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