The Last of Us Series Recruits The Directors of The Umbrella Academy & Dead To Me

MOVIE NEWS – Two more directors are joining the other known directors of The Last of Us episodes, but we don’t know which episodes they will be shooting.



HBO’s The Last of Us-inspired series has added two new directors to its roster of established directors, including Kantemir Balagov and Neil Druckmann himself. Thanks to an update on DGC’s website, we know that Liza Johnson (Dead to Me) and Jeremy Webb (The Umbrella Academy) will also be involved in the series, though we don’t know which episodes they’ll be working on.

The series already has several directors, including the father of the game, Neil Druckmann

If you look at the updated list, you can clearly see both of their names in the director section, so there’s no doubt about what roles they will be taking on in the new production. As mentioned above, Jeremy Webb is best known for The Umbrella Academy series, but his filmography also includes other titles such as Altered Carbon and episodes of The Punisher.

Liza Johnson has worked as a director, producer and screenwriter for over 20 years. In addition to Dead to Me, she is known for directing episodes of such productions as Silicon Valley, American Horror Story and Physical.

It is not yet known at what stage The Last of Us series is at, as all that has been reported recently is that Neil Druckmann has completed his directing duties and returned to Naughty Dog; however, no other directors have been announced.

It has recently been confirmed that actress Storm Reid will be Riley, Ellie’s girlfriend, in the Left Behind episode. Other key characters from the story of the first Last of Us video game, such as Tommy and Tess, will also appear in the series, but some plot details of Naughty Dog’s game have been changed for the production.

Source: DGC

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