Epic Games Also Seeks An Overturn In The Epic vs. Apple Lawsuit

So both companies, Epic and Apple, are ready for the second round, which raises strong suspicions that whatever the outcome will have a devastating impact on the gaming industry.


In 2020, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney often highlighted that Apple’s App Store took a 30% profit margin on microtransactions and sales. In response, Epic started cutting the company out of the picture in Fortnite so that all the money flowed directly to them, to which Apple had removed Fortnite from iOS. From that came a lawsuit.

Both companies lost a lot of money in this argument, and Judge Yvonne Gonzales Rogers ruled that Epic failed to prove that Apple was a monopoly. Therefore the Sweeney-led team owed the company for unpaid microtransactions. However, Apple cannot prohibit developers from offering alternative payment solutions on the Apple App Store and has ordered it to do so based on California competition law.

And there are still updates: Bloomberg reports that Epic asked in a document the court to turn over the ruling: “Epic told the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals that a lower-court judge “erred” in finding that App Store rules and restrictions didn’t violate antitrust law. Apple unlawfully maintains its monopolies in the iOS app distribution and in-app payment solutions markets by excluding all competitors. [They have] ample economic power to coerce developers into using its payment system,” the document claims.

Epic Games asked the court to overrule the ruling and send the case back to Judge Rogers with instructions on addressing issues raised in its antitrust suit. “If not reversed, this decision would upend established principles of antitrust law and, as the district court itself recognized, undermine sound antitrust policy,” Epic added.

When will it end? This issue has been going on for way too long.

Source: WCCFTech

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