Arnold Schwarzenegger As Zeus?! The Star’s New Project Will Be Unveiled Later This Month

MOVIE NEWS – Arnold Schwarzenegger has unveiled a poster showing himself as Zeus for a project due in February 2022. But what is it all about?



Whatever it is, the poster will appeal to all Arnold Schwarzenegger fans, that’s for sure. The legendary actor posted a picture on Twitter that looks like the poster for a Zeus movie, featuring Schwarzenegger himself in the role. The actor is very vague, saying only that Zeus is “coming in February,” leaving it up to the fans to figure out exactly what it’s about until then.

Since the poster doesn’t mention any studio or streaming provider, some speculate that it’s actually a TV ad that will air during the Super Bowl on February 13.

In a word, it would be odd to develop a feature film or series under the radar with Schwarzenegger as Zeus; but the move itself is not unprecedented. However, if it is a commercial, what exactly would it be advertising? All will be revealed in February, and Schwarzenegger will get exactly what he wants: until then, everyone is talking about him and the mysterious project.

Some fans may remember Arnold Schwarzenegger playing Hercules, son of Zeus, in the 1970 film Hercules in New York.

For many, however, the Zeus poster reminded them not of that but another, much better-known role for the veteran actor: Conan. Many people still look forward to the “Conan the King” film, which will bring the classic trilogy to a close.

Time will tell if King Conan will ever be made, but since Arnold Schwarzenegger owes much of his stardom to the original Conan films, it would be nice to see him return to the role in a final sequel to close out his career. As for Zeus, we’ll find out later this month what this mysterious project is all about…

Source: Twitter

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