Google Reportedly Wants To Save Stadia By Offering Its Technology To Potential Partners

TECH NEWS – Google is reportedly already in talks with other major players in the sector, including Capcom and Bungie, about the future of Stadia.



Stadia has not been as successful as Google had hoped. After the company closed its development studios and announced that it was taking the project even more seriously, Stadia has still not delivered on its promises. But its creators say it still holds plenty of potentials, especially when looking at the technology that drives it. So Google is now looking for partners to take full advantage of Stadia.

Google has already spoken to Bungie and Capcom, among others

According to a report from Business Insider, that’s based on statements from people involved in the project. According to the article, Stadia’s technology could open up opportunities for different ideas in the industry, which is why the company is offering its services as a cloud-based game streaming platform called “Google Stream”.

According to the text, the company is already in talks with some of the most influential companies in the sector. Among them are Bungie, who are reportedly interested in a streaming platform of their own, and Capcom, who have also raised the possibility of streaming their game demos through web browsers. One deal has already gone through: AT&T has allowed its customers to play Batman: Arkham Knight for free from their browser.

Of course, the creators of the platform are not willing to give up on Stadia and are constantly trying to improve and refine the platform, not only in business but also in technology, to reach an even broader base of users.

Source: Business Insider

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