In Far Cry 6’s New DLC, We’ll Play The Infamous Joseph Seed From Episode 5!

The latest Far Cry 6 expansion is called Joseph: Collapse and will allow us to play with the character known as “The Father.”



The island of Yara, the setting of Far Cry 6, is a constant reason to return. As Ubisoft promised at the time, we were able to experience the adventures from the perspective of iconic villains from the franchise, such as Vaas and Pagan Min. Now it’s the turn of Far Cry 5’s arch-nemesis Joseph Seed, who has been given a date to officially land in the sixth instalment with the addition of Joseph: Collapse.

Joseph: Collapse will be available on February 8

Ubisoft has announced the release of the DLC for February 8, so we won’t have to wait much longer to meet the man known as “The Father.” As we’ve seen in other similar-style expansions, we’ll be able to control this character and explore aspects of him that weren’t revealed in the original game.

The expansion thus completes the circle of Far Cry villains who will visit the adventure on the island of Yara, as the initiative has also brought the three characters mentioned above into the sixth instalment. The arrival of Joseph Seed thus completes this trio of DLCs, with a look all its own.

Far Cry 6’s new features are not limited to the old characters, however, but also include new characters that we will be able to meet in real life. These include Danny Trejo, who stars in two shoot-out missions, and the latest Rambo-themed update, which, while only featuring Sylvester Stallone in photos and posters, is a faithful evocation of the classic action movie series in terms of combat.

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