SIFU Shows What To Expect From This Great Little Beat ‘Em Up Game In A Live Action Short [VIDEO]

Sloclap’s game SIFU will be released on 8 February for PS4, PS5 and PC.



Some say SIFU is a little late: the beat ’em up genre enjoyed its golden age in arcades and consoles decades ago, with the best games of the arcade genre. Classics such as Streets of Rage 2 and Final Fight represent an entire generation of “beat the bad guys flat” themed games. While there hasn’t been much of a legacy in the genre recently, proposals like SIFU are a promising way to bring back the flavour of beating the hell out of others.

Our protagonist chases his father’s killer

Martial arts cinema is closely tied to the genre of beating up anyone who gets in your way, so a live-action adaptation fits this game like a pea in a pod. Director Christopher Clark Cowan collaborated with Sloclap to bring this short film, shot in Los Angeles, to the screen.


The short film recreates the time management mechanics seen in SIFU


Our protagonist makes his way through a martial arts exhibition while hunting Fajar, one of his father’s killers. The cutscene touches on the game’s exciting time mechanics, where our protagonist ages with each kill, in addition to the faithful combat and the appearance of our characters.

SIFU will be released on 8 February for PS4, PS5 and PC; it will arrive in a physical release for PlayStation consoles. The new game from the creators of Absolver has repeatedly shown the care that goes into Sloclap’s work, with around 160 moves captured in great detail for the protagonist’s actions alone.

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