It Takes Two Is Beyond 5 Million

Josef Fares is up against the gaming industry and it seems to be doing well with It Takes Two…


It Takes Two is not a live service, multiplayer-centric game. The latter term is not entirely valid, as the story is meant to be experienced cooperatively. Still, beyond that, it’s not about 64 players fighting each other because you have to help each other (Journey was an example of this before). Josef Fares, the game’s creator (who used to work in films and only then moved into games), has attracted attention with his honest but sometimes very bold statements.

So the game developer Hazelight Studio is delighted to be celebrating. The studio has announced on Twitter that It Takes Two has officially sold over 5 million copies, and the team is amazed at how many people are enjoying their game. It’s fair to say (almost clichéd, although there is some truth to it…) that good games get the word out quickly, so sales are bound to pick up. Fares’ game proves this statement, as Hazelight last told us where It Takes Two was in October. It was a millionaire then too, but two million less at the time: It Takes Two made 2 million in its fourth quarter. Hence, the year-end performance was pretty solid for the co-op title released by Electronic Arts as part of EA Originals.

A few days ago, Hazelight announced (and Variety reported) that they have come full circle, as Fares’ work will be made into a film, meaning that It Takes Two will receive a movie adaptation. Fares is working on it with dj2 Entertainment. We will have to wait a long time for developments on this, as it is doubtful that a cast has been formed yet, and announcements like this usually come at a similarly early stage.

So congratulations to Fares: we need more like-minded developers in the games industry.

Source: PCGamer

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